James E. McNellies [OKCTulsa]1100 Classen Drive, Oklahoma City  |  405-601-PINT (7468)

McNellies OKC Pub, is a local gem in Oklahoma really. With an wonderful menu, [their burgers really are awesome – and be sure to try the sweet potato fries] and an even better tap selection, this is a MUST do when visiting OKC [or Tulsa]. I go back for the atmosphere, it has that local look and feel of an Irish pub. It is also a good place to go with the family, as children are welcome on the 2nd floor.

Bartenders are really knowledgeable and if they have time, they usually sit and talk beer with you, as they are some beer geeks as well.

With 3 levels, the 1st floor is the main bar area, with a huge wrap around bar, and limited seating, this are also all non-smoking. The 2nd floor is all seating, with darts set up in the back, again all non-smoking. The 3rd floor is another bar that is an all-smoking section.

If your looking for local craft beer, this is the place to be, although they don’t carry every single thing that is out there, you will be hard pressed to find a pub with more offerings. An added bonus is that they also have cask ales, with local brews being poured.

Why We Go:

  • Best Tap line-up in the City, 60 quality beers, not to mention 100’s of bottles- check it out for yourself
  • Monthly Beer Specials
  • $3 Burger night every Wednesday 5 pm – 11 pm
  • Pint Night every Monday, “buy the drink, keep the glass”
  • Numerous Local Brews, plus a couple on cask!

51st Speakeasy: 1114 NW 51st St., Oklahoma City  | 405-463-0470

The Speakeasy has a small feel about it, but its really pretty good size, as its an old historic house that has been converted into a pub. It’s decorated like a 1920’s speakeasy, like you would imagine, dimly lit, with red walls, and window coverings. You feel a little bit like your breaking the law. But its a fun atmosphere that is unique, especially in this area.

There are several different rooms, that give the place a cozy feel. The main room is the bar, that also has a dance floor in the corner, and is set up for local bands to preform on occasion. There are limited number of bar stools to be had here, but most groups tend to take the tables, so its normally not a problem. Then there is an adjoining room that is all tables for when you want to come and have a little bit nicer sit down environment. There is an upstairs, but mainly seems to be used when its too busy downstairs, not much up there, there are a few taps however and some seating, but its mostly an open hang out area.

They have a smaller tap list then others in the area, but they hold their own in the quality department, as most everything they serve is a winner, and they try to carry local stuff as well. They also offer a decent amount of bottled options, if you don’t see a draught your in the mood for.

Although I have yet to eat any food their, I have heard nothing but good reviews of it, I hear the bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed peppers, and the Cubano sandwich are excellent though.

The pub also shares a parking lot with COOP Ale Works, so if your able to be there during business hours, be sure to stop by and say hello.

Why We Go:

  • Atmosphere, you feel like Bonnie and Clyde could sit down next to you at any minuet.
  • Small but quality tap list
  • More low key adult crowd
  • Right next door to COOP Ale Works

TapWerks Ale House & Cafe: 121 E Sheridan Ave. Oklahoma City  | 405-319-9599

TapWerks is located in an old converted furniture building, which is a pretty good building actually. Its covers two stories, The downstairs is a smoke-free area, with a bar and lots of seating and is open to people of all ages, while the upstairs smoking lounge and bar is equipped with a library, pool tables, dart boards and jukebox. Building sits in the heart of downtown OKC’s Bricktown district, which is the place to be in OKC. TapWerks is directly across from the Bricktown Ballpark, which makes it really convenient, when your going to take in a game, to go have a few brews first.

On the weekends they charge a cover , $5, because they have live music. And personally, if your purpose for the evening is to go and drink so good craft beer, this probably isn’t where you want to go on a weekend night, as its loud, and crowded, and you have to pay to get in. But if you go during the week, its a slower, relaxed place, where you can sit and talk.

Their website claims they have over 200 beers on tap, but in reality its about 100. Although they do have some quality beers on tap, there is nothing really that will get you excited. There are a lot of winners on the list, but nothing you haven’t had or seen everywhere else you have ever been that serves descent micros.

This is a good place however, to go and hang out with friends, and if your going to take in downtown OKC, this is definitely the place to go.

Why We Go:

  • Location, Location, Location, lots to do in downtown OKC, from baseball, movies, clubs, restaraunts, riverwalk, shopping, etc, all withing walking distance.
  • Large tap list, although nothing that warrants going there specifically.

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