The Library Bar & Grill: 607 W. Boyd Street, Norman

“The Library” is a small, hidden, out-of-the-way-but-not-really, pub. Its a nice establishment, looks wise, but it is small, so if your not going during the week, be prepared for a crowd. I usually always go during the week, and its usually no problem, although happy hour does get a bit busy, but if you go during the off months, when the students are away, its not unbearable. I have never counted, but it has maybe 12 tables inside, plus bar stools, and 4-5 tables outside on the patio. It has built in bookshelves all around, with old books, and stain glass windows let in just a little bit of light.

The food is a bit better than your standard pub fair. I have had the nachos, which were very big, easily feeds 2 people, and their pizza, which was better than expected. I have never gotten a hamburger, but I hear they are just average.

On to the beers, they actually have a nice line-up of beers, for being so small I am quite impressed actually. All good microbreweries on tap, usually Anchor, Sierra Nevada, Boulevard, Paulaner, Spaten, etc. but the real reason I like to come here is for some of the local stuff that I don’t see in the city. Coach’s Brewery sells their beers to The Library, they usually have the Oatmeal Stout, a Brown, an IPA, a Pale, a Wheat, and some seasonal beers as well. Although these are all decent, the IPA, Oatmeal, and Wheat, are probably the best things I have had from them. There is nothing outstanding about any of these, but its a little local variety, that I enjoy, They do however have the IPA on nitro last time I was there, and the prices is reasonable, $4 a pint.

They have happy hour daily, from 3-6 where pints sell for $2, so hit that up if your there at the right time.

Why We Go:

  • $2 Happy Hour from 3-6 Daily
  • Above average pub grub
  • Quiet get away if you go in the middle of the week, and on off hours.
  • Freindly knowledgeable wait staff

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