Vote in BeerAdvocate’s “HomeTown ThrowDown”

This contests is from the owners over at BeerAdvocate:

This is a great opportunity for our state. The Oklahoma beer scene is exactly what they are looking for, so email the the owners of the site and tell them why they should come here. This would be great publicity for our emerging beer scene.

If your not a member of Beer Advocate, sign up! its free!

Here is a link to the actual post, but the information is listed below.


BeerAdvocate’s “HomeTown ThrowDown” – Tell us where to go next!

Inspired by our recent trip to Alaska where we met/experienced one of the best beer communities on planet Earth, we threw the following challenge at BeerAdvocate magazine Issue #36 readers and thought we’d do the same online.

The idea is simple: we’ve acknowledged that we need to travel more for beer. Not necessarily the larger beer cities, but rather unexplored and emerging beer scenes.

So …

In 150 words or less, tell us why we should come to your hometown for beer. The most convincing, passionate entry will result in our actually coming out to your hometown for beer, visiting your local breweries and beer bars, and of course you helping us to host an official BA gathering–plus other exciting fun.

Upon further thought post-printing, of course we’d do our best to also promote your local beer scene, help tell its story, create some content for the mag/website, etc. We’re totally open to ideas too.

Feel free to post here, email, or beer mail us. No deadline, yet. You just need to be a BA member or mag subscriber.

(And time/budget pending, we hope to do this more than once.)

Cheers, good luck, and we look forward to hoisting some brews in your hometown!



~ by OkieBrewReview on January 27, 2010.

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