Oklahoma breweries prove that Oklahomans know good beer.

August 28, 9:28 PMTulsa Home Brewing ExaminerDesiree Knott

The craft brewing industry is growing every year. The first half of 2009 showed a growth of 5% by volume and 9% by dollars while the overall US beer sales for were down 1.9% overall (click here for more craft beer statistics). This shows the incredible growth of the craft brewing industry across the country and Oklahoma is growing player in the craft beer arena.

Oklahoma now has a growing community of brew pubs and breweries offering a wide variety of beers for your drinking pleasure.

The following is a list of brew pubs in Oklahoma. If you are near any of these brew pubs show your support and give them a try.

The Bell Isle Restaurant & Brewery, located in the heart of Northwest Oklahoma City, is available for lunch, dinner and entertainment. Enjoy a menu of pastas, burgers, pizzas, and more. Then there’s the Beer! The Belle Isle Brewery is proud to create the finest handcrafted beer available, using the best ingredients and strict German Brewing rules. They’ve developed an excellent selection of beers now available for takeout. Their pub features a daily happy hour and live music.

Coach’s Restaurant & Bar located at 20 S Mickey Mantle Dr. in Oklahoma City, OK. This is a great place to drink, eat and watch the local baseball team.

Pete’s Place is an Italian restaurant and brew pub in Krebs, Oklahoma. The spicy bouquet of authentic Italian cooking wafting from the kitchen at Pete’s Place has been luring travelers through the blackjack covered hills of southeast Oklahoma since 1925. They are famous for their Choc beer that is based on an Indian Territory wheat beer recipe and now the Kreb’s Brewing Company has a wide range of craft beers to choose from.

The Royal Bavaria Brauhaus is located in Moore Oklahoma and is known as the only Original German restaurant and brewery in the MidSouth. A place where people sit together, enjoying the authentic atmosphere and German hospitality.

The following Oklahoma breweries are now producing beer and are available at your local liquor stores. When you are picking out beers be sure to support our Oklahoma breweries by purchasing their beer.

Coop Ale Works just opened their doors a few months ago. This brewery is located in Oklahoma City and they are producing 5 beers, Horny Toad Cerveza, Zeppelin German Wheat, Native Amber, a Belgian Style Golden Ale called DNR, and Gran Sport Porter.

Mustang Brewing Company is also a new brewery out of Mustang, Oklahoma and brews a golden ale and an amber lager. These are available now at McNellie’s Public House.

Tulsa’s brewery, Marshall Brewing Company, is a favorite with their beers named for famous Tulsa landmarks, such as their Atlas IPA and McNellie’s Pub Ale. Eric Marshall, the head brewer, studied in Germany for 2 years before bringing his brewing skills back to his hometown of Tulsa.

By supporting our Oklahoma brew pubs and breweries we can continue to grow the growing craft beer movement in our wonderful state. Buy Oklahoman!

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Nice article, but I think its worth noting Battered Boar Brewing, as they have just entered the marketplace locally, with their Company Man Pale Ale, and Briar Patch Amber Ale. They also have an Double IPA on deck, which im looking forward too. Not to mention this line up they are planning to produce in the future, a Coconut Cream Stout, Chocolate Porter, Chuck’s Pumpkin Ale, Stratford Peach Ale, Blue Face Scottish Ale, Belgian Abbey & a Fresh Hop Ale.

Things are definitely looking good on the Oklahoma Beer horizon.


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