Battered Boar Finally Hits Local Shelves

Well, I wish this post were titled, [Brew Review] Battered Boar Company Man Pale Ale (or Briar Patch Amber Ale). Since after much anticipation Battered Boar Brewing officially released their Company Man Pale Ale and Briar Patch Amber Ale into the local market over the weekend. I checked around at a couple different stores, but wasn’t able to get my hands on any, demand is high right now so it’s selling out faster than I can locate it. So Im putting out a call to all my local liquor stores, if you have any in stock, please drop me a line and let me know, thank you!

All reports I have heard myself so far concerning the Amber ale are all positive! I have, however, received mixed reports about the Pale Ale and possible quality control issues, although I will wait to see for myself, But, it’s understandable from the first batch from a brand new brewery, sometimes it takes a minuet to get the kinks worked out. Please don’t let this stop you from trying it, nobody, I heard from said it was undrinkable, or a drain pour, and it’s possible their taste buds were off that day, who knows.

Either way, Im thrilled to have another local brew that I can get in bottles……now if I can just find any.


~ by OkieBrewReview on September 1, 2009.

One Response to “Battered Boar Finally Hits Local Shelves”

  1. Just got back from the liquor store with a sixer of Company Man Pale Ale. After having looked forward to trying it for several months, I was severely let down. The entire six pack, and I’m surmising “batch”, was not carbonated. You can taste both the yeast and the sugar from the secondary fermentation attempt, but the bottle conditioning never occurred. No bubbles. No pop-fizz when opened… nada.Seems like they pitched the yeast when the wort was too cold and it never had the chance too wake up, or they pitched it too warm and fried the little yeast critters. Like i said you can taste them, so it was obviously added, but they never fed on the sugar, and the carbonation process never happened. I opened three of the six and poured all three down the drain. Will save the other three and try to salvage some of my nine dollars through culinary usage. Sad about this, as I really was anxious to try it. If they are still afloat in about a year, I’ll give them another shot, but releasing product like this in an upscale market, I don’t see how they intend to survive.

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