Monk Review of the Drunk Festival (hic)

Well here’s how the night went…..

Got to the Speakeasy about 5 minuets till 6:00, stood in line for what seemed like forever, to sign my name on a sign in sheet. [why did i call and reserve a spot again,?! 🙂 ], anyway, no worries.

Then as you walk in the door they gave everyone a small brandy snifter glass to use to try the beers. I guess they had more people then they expected, as I saw more and more people using plastic cups the later it got. Which I can imagine is only a good thing for the craft beer scene around here.

Seemed to me like it was a really good turnout, Im not that great at estimating the number of people in a crowd, but from my rough estimate, it looked to be around 150-200 people. So I was excited that so many people were interested. And these were actual people that were interested, not homeless people coming to get free beer. [I only say this, because this has been a problem at other free tastings in the past].

They were pouring about 30 different beers, set up on several different tables on the main floor and the upstairs of the Speakeasy. They only complaint I had about the set up, is it seemed like the table with the most beers on it, was on the smallest table, in the smallest area of the bar. But it could have just “felt” that way because it always had such a long line. But they were overall, probably one of the best tables, serving Unibroue – La Seigneuriale, Chambly Noire, Orval, Westmalle Dubbel,  some of the Smokestacks from Boulevard, De Koninck, Cuvee Renee from Lindemans, Duchesse De Bourgogne, it was understandable that people wanted to get to that table.

The first table you saw though as you walked in was the “Chimay Table” as it became known within the group I was with, it had obviously Chimay – red, white and blue, Flying Dog Seasonal – Woody, Southampton White, Sam Adams – Blackberry and Imperial White. Also an added bonus to this table was the swag, pretty nice Chimay Bottle opener, and two Sam Adams openers, and I also got a Flying Dog poster, what can I say, Im a sucker for free stuff.

And upstairs there were 3 tables set up, one with all Choc Beers, waving wheat, Belgian-style Amber, Dubbel. With the last two tables containing, Kwak, Triple Karmeliet, Urthel – Hop-it, Samaranth, Hibernus Quentum, Avery – White Rascal, Pranqster. And I know I have missed some that were there.

I thought everything was done really well, and was pretty efficient. There are only a few points I would like to let people know about though, when attending a tasting festival in the future…

  1. PLEASE, when you get to the front of the line and get your pour, move along, don’t stand there and drink your glass, or chit-chat with your friend about the beer. There are many people waiting for you to get out of the way so they can have a turn as well. This is THE biggest hold up at these events.
  2. Once you get your pour, and get out of line, don’t step over to the next line and try to get a fill, without getting in the back of the line. That’s just rude.
  3. Don’t walk up to the side of a table, cutting in front of everyone that has been waiting in line, and try to sneak in a pour. Just because the server is too busy to notice sometimes, and you can get away with it, doesn’t mean people still don’t think your a tool.

This is not a rant, Im just trying to educate some people on beer fest etiquette, for future events.

In general though, the majority of the people at the events are good, its just those few that get under the skin of everyone else, although for the most part, the craft beer crowd is probably too nice to ever say anything to you, and hey, does it REALLY matter? Not really, its just annoying. Those people are just lucky that this isn’t a free tasting of American Macros, because that crowd would probably take you out back and “Put a whippin’ on you boy!” *spit*

Thanks to Byron’s and the Speakeasy for hosting this even, and everyone else who was involved in putting this evening together. I believe everyone had a great time, and hopefully got to try some beers that they hadn’t gotten the chance to previously. There were a few that I hadn’t had before, I think I counted that I tried 17 of the 30 that were there, so I was glad to have the opportunity to taste those, and you can’t beat the price! The only thing that would have made the event better is if they could have gotten some of the Ommegang, Duvel, Maredsous stuff out a little quicker in time for the event, oh well, maybe next time!

Looking forward to the next event!


~ by OkieBrewReview on August 13, 2009.

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