Oak-Lahoma…Somethin’s a Brewin’ at COOP Ale Works

used with permission - COOP Ale Works

Used with permission - Chase Healey

So I had been seeing these somewhat cryptic type messages being posted around the internet on BeerAdvocate and Twitter recently, hinting at, not so subtle, that COOP is working on some sort of Oak Aged brew, but no real word on what it was, or when it would be available, just not a lot of specifics. So I decided to contact Chase Healey, Brewer for COOP, to curb my curiosity, so here’s the scoop…

So Chase tells me that they have been working on a Russian Imperial Stout, coming in at around 8.2% ABV, in two versions, a barrel aged, and a non-barrel aged, and are talking about releasing both versions to the public.

When asked what sort of quantity would be made, he told me he has brewed 3 batches of the beer, and the quantity would depend on the amount of blending he does with the non-barrel aged version. This beer will be aged in the oak barrels for 4 months.

The release date for the RIS is set for November, with the barrel aged version going out in December. Chase also mentioned that the 2010 version of the beer will be brewed in January, in order to get a lot more age on the beer, and also expressed his excitement about brewing this batch.

I asked considering the small quantity being produced if the beer would be available everywhere, or as a special release through one location, and he said the beer will be available to any location that wants it. But that he figured the major beer bars would pick up a keg or two.

With the popularity of special, limited release, brewery only beers being released annual throughout other beer markets, such as Kate the Great from Portsmouth Brewery in New Hampshire, Dark Lord from Three Floyd’s Brewing in Indiana, and others, I asked if he had plans to brew this one annually with possible hopes of having our own special release that would carry the same kind of buzz around it. His responded “I think that people need to know that I am a HUGE beer geek. As of right now I have a bottle of The Abyss, Dark Lord, BORIS, World Wide Stout 02 Vintage, KBS, Dragon’s Milk and I’m sure I have a few others I’m forgetting. I think Dragon’s Milk inspired our beer. I love that beer. So the answer is yes. I would like this beer to be a seasonal everyone gets excited about.” Well mission accomplished as far as this beer fan goes! And by the way, will you be my friend?!

Chase said they haven’t decided on a name for this brew quite yet, but they are releasing their next beer, OKtoberfest, In September.

So there you have it fans, an Oak Aged Russian Imperial Stout, due out in December. I don’t know about you guys, but Russian Imperial Stouts are my favorite beer, so I will be drinking this beer the day it is released.

Thanks to Chase Healey from COOP Ale Works for his time in answering my questions about this unique beer he has in store for our state, can’t wait!

Anyone have any suggestions for the guys over at COOP for a good name for this beer?


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7 Responses to “Oak-Lahoma…Somethin’s a Brewin’ at COOP Ale Works”

  1. Those guys have got it goin on! Great article.

  2. They already have a Marzen available. It was on at the 51st Street Speakeasy next door to the brewery, and on a tap at the brewery itself. Is OKtoberfest going to be something different?

    • Chase told me it was the same beer, and that it was kind of a soft opening for it, but that they will be making a hard push on it in September.

      • Nice. It is a very good Marzen, IMO. I’d love to see it more widely available. Tough to call on whether I like it or the Native Amber more.

      • I love the DNR, and it gets all the press it seems, but I think the Native Amber is my favorite beer they make so far [and I generally don’t like ambers much], Im really looking forward to trying the OKtoberfest though, as it has the potential to be my new #1!

  3. Great post, mate. Another reason to look forward to December right there.

    Wonder when these guys are going to start bottling their brews?

    • Don’t know for sure, but I’m going to the brewery soon. So I will try and find out.

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