Battered Boar Brewing Set to Release

It looks as though Battered Boar Brewing will be releasing their first 3 brews into the market place very soon! No, EXACT date, but they tell me that it will be no more than a couple of weeks [so it should be available about the second week in August.]

I like the beers they have chosen to lead of with, An amber ale, which is a given for most new breweries, something easy drinking and not too offensive to non-craft beer drinkers, a good gateway brew usually. A Pale Ale, one of my absolute favorite styles of beer, I would consider this the “next-step” into the craft beer world, It’s something that has more flavor and character about it, but again without being over the top for a newbie to start with. And lastly, the Hefe, good choice, especially since they are opening the brewery and starting things off in the hot, Oklahoma, summer months.

Here is the line-up, all the information was taken from their sales sheet:

CompanyManCompany Man Pale Ale: Company man introduces itself with a thick white head, sitting proudly on top of a golden red beer. From the start, the aroma of fresh cut hops and fruit compete to thrill the senses. Grapefruit and spicy citrus abound. At first sip, crisp hop flavor and bitterness entwine, weaving a refreshing tapestry of flavor that tantalizes the senses, and lingers on the tongue. Rich malt follows, sweeping away hop bitterness with with complex strokes of toffee and malty sweetness. The finish is clean and crisp. This brew balances huge hops and malt character evenly, taking you on a whirlwind tour of this intricate style.

heartbreakHefeweizenHeartbreak Hefeweizen: This traditional unfiltered beer originated in southern Germany. We’ve put our own spin on this easy drinking thirst quencher. Our Beer is as refreshing as its is attractive. Right from the pir, this beer is a sight to behold. A dense creamy white head sits atop a light golden beer, while the aroma of cloves, banana and citrus entice the palate. Sweet malt and apricot linger gently on the tongue, then slowly fade. The sweet citrus finish quenches the palate prompting a repeat performance. Balance is everything and this beer balances sweetness, fruit and noble hops in a well tuned symphony of flavor. Like a long lost love. You’ll only cry when this beers gone.

BriarPatchBriarpatch Amber Ale: This beautiful Amber Ale starts with a rich billowing head. At first sip the nose is filled with the aroma of freshly cut apples and pears, sweet roast malt follows, laced with wisps of caramel and hints of clover honey. Refreshing citrus comes next, gently clearing the way to a sweet delicate finish. This beer balances sweet Belgian malts, fruit and citrus to create a tremendously refreshing beer. To tell you the truth we even wondered how we got all those flavors int one beer. Let’s just say we love it when a plan comes together.

Talked to Paul, from the brewery, and he tells me they will be releasing their first seasonal, the Coconut Cream Stout, and it will be available in time for Fall. Mmmm…

Looking forward to getting my hands on these, particularly if their beers are half as good as their writing abilities!

Also noteworthy is the list of beers they have in the works, I’m really looking forward to most all of these, the list includes:

  • Coconut Cream Stout
  • Chocolate Porter
  • Chuck’s Pumpkin Ale
  • Stratford Peach Ale
  • Blue Face Scottish Ale
  • Belgian Abbey
  • Fresh Hop Ale

~ by OkieBrewReview on July 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “Battered Boar Brewing Set to Release”

  1. What’s the update on the release date? Are these now available? They sound perfect for sitting outside on a September day.

    SIDE NOTE: I like the Buy Me A Beer tie in with the donation button. Very clever.

  2. i cant wait…..been patiently awaiting the arrival of these brews

    • well quit waitin’ and go get ya some! most of the better beer stores around the metro have this in stores now.

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