COOP Releases iPhone App

Great news! Now you never have to worry about where to get your next DNR fix. I tried it out and personally, I love it! Even though I usually frequent the same locations, there have been a few occasions already where I was out somewhere and wished I knew who in the area served COOP. Well now my struggles are over!

This is a pretty nice app, it lists all the beers they currently produce, along with information on each one, the usual stuff, ABV, IBUs, along with a little bit of info on each beer as well. When you click on the Locations tab, it then asks for the app to use your current location, click yes and your on your way, from there it brings up a list of each location that serves their fine brews, in order, from closest to furthest, up to 100 miles, and also lists the exact mileage to each. If you click on a particular location, the app then gives you the option to get directions to your chosen destination. The only thing I think would make this even better, is if they listed what each location had on tap of theirs, since not all locations carry their full line. Might be a nightmare for them to do that, but, that’s the only thing I would add, that would make it perfect!

In addition to all the already mentioned goodness, they have also included a section to follow them on the web, with links to their website, twitter updates, myspace page, and flickr account, so know you have no excuse to not be up-to-date with the latest news from the brewery.

Nice work guys! This is going to be one app I will definitely be using often.

Download the app here.

Excerpt taken from the COOP Blog.

Craving COOP and don’t know where the nearest watering hole is? Want to send your friends/family to try COOP while they’re out on the town? Can’t remember which COOP beer it was you enjoyed so much last week? Have no fear, the COOP iPhone App can solve all your problems – well, maybe not all of them, but at least a few.

On June 11, 2009, the COOP Ale Works iPhone App was released to the masses via the iPhone App Store. More than 680 thirsty souls have downloaded the app in just over one month. The app gives you the ability to check out the details on all COOP beers via each beer’s logo. Additionally, the app will take your current location via GPS and give you the directions to the nearest venues that carry COOP products. Never again shall ye be lost in pursuit of COOP!


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